Featured Business of the Month: Paw-rific Pet Grooming

Featured Business of the Month: Paw-rific Pet Grooming

paw_rificOn February U.P. days, while in the middle of another gripping Midwest snowstorm, Jill Rankinen would love to be in Hawaii visiting her son and his wife.

Yet as the snow continues to fall outside and temperatures are anything but balmy, Rankinen is busy taking care of something else she loves – animals.

Rankinen, along with her son and daughter-in-law, owns Paw-rific Pet Grooming in Ishpeming, Michigan, which established a storefront business on Highway 41 in 2011. Prior to the storefront, Rankinen ran part-time grooming services out of her home for thirty years.

Even though her son, who is the president of the business, lives thousands of miles away, he wanted to invest here in the U.P.

“It’s our family business, and we keep it family oriented with our customers, too, because it’s just more personal that way,” Rankinen said.

The name of the business speaks for itself, but in addition to specializing in grooming, Rankinen also has an impressive history of specializing in dog breeding, showing, and obedience training, including numerous awards.

Rankinen has always had a deep love for animals, and her interest began to grow with showing dogs at age five.

“My friend’s mom had kennels and showed poodles, so we spent a lot of time around the dogs,” Rankinen said. “My dad also showed dogs in the 1960s in the obedience category and I would help train the dogs.”

Rankinen spent many years studying, attending seminars, and having hands-on experience with obedience training, and now offers obedience classes through Paw-rific Pet Grooming during the warmer months.

“I think every dog needs to go through obedience classes because it makes a dog so much closer to their owner(s),” Rankinen said.

Although many aspects of the business revolve around dogs, Rankinen points out that cats are also welcome and that it’s just as important to groom your felines.

“Usually, people think because cats clean themselves, they stay clean, but the saliva attracts more dirt, and that can lead to cats getting matted.”

It’s true that most cats are famous for hating water, but Rankinen says some cats she grooms thoroughly enjoy the experience of being pampered.

“I’ve got some cats that come in here and just sprawl out on the table and then let me blow dry them. It’s really something.”

Whether you have a dog or a cat, you can be sure Paw-rific Pet Grooming carries the supplies you need for your furry friends.

Nearly all products the business carries are American-made and many of them are eco-friendly as well, made with recycled materials. Rankinen stands behind her products and sells only supplies she uses or would recommend for use and also honors product guarantees.

“I sell Lupine collars, leashes, and leads, and those have a lifetime guarantee. Even if a pet owner brings in the tiniest, chewed up piece of a Lupine collar, I’ll replace it for them.”

Although she is around animals all day, Rankinen is an animal lover through and through and at the end of the day, goes home to her farm, where she and her husband own Arabian horses, a donkey, dogs, and numerous barn cats.

If you would like more information about the services Paw-Rific Pet Grooming offers, please call:

(906) 486-7297. Paw-rific Pet Grooming is located at:

658 Palms Avenue, Ishpeming, MI 49849.

Paw-rific Pet Grooming hours:

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: 9am – 5 pm

Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm